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Colossal Figures Launch Debut Album

The Delhi progressive metalcore band will release ‘Clockwork Dilation’ in January with a launch tour

Anurag Tagat Dec 16, 2013
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Colossal Figures

Colossal Figures

We’ve seen a lot of Delhi metal bands fall off the gig radar. Electro metal band Frequency, who, after seven years as a band, released just a three-track debut EP in April. Hardcore band IAFWAY [I Am Fake, Who Are You?] have been on an indefinite hiatus since 2011 and groove metal band Rabbit is Rich showed promise with their self-titled EP in 2009, but have not released any new material or gigged since January. Amidst this inertia, the ambitiously-named progressive metalcore act Colossal Figures, who got together in 2010, have spent a year and a half working on their debut full-length album, Clockwork Dilation, due for release on January 5th.

The band’s sound, however, does fit the name ”“ usually opening their set with an instrumental buildup which peaks as the mammoth riffs kick in. After competing at the Hornbill International Rock Contest this month, the band hopes to tour in January. Says the band’s guitarist Karan Mehta, “We had planned a tour in Delhi, Bengaluru and Kochi in October, but the organizers backed out.” Colossal Figures are now all set to launch Clockwork Dilation in Bengaluru on January 8th.

The gig, which will be held at Bengaluru’s most buzzed about venue The Humming Tree, will also feature Delhi hardcore metal band Alien Sky Cult and Bengaluru metalcore band Cheisrah, who also launch their debut album Deafbreed. For Colossal Figures, there’s no better time to prove themselves. Says Mehta, “We’re playing the entire album back to back for the first time. Every gig after this album launch is going to be special now.”

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Colossal Figures perform at Moshfest, featuring Cheisrah, Alien Sky Cult, In Dying Days and Prime Rage on January 8th, 2014 at The Humming Tree, Bengaluru. Entry: free. Event details here.

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