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Colossal Figures to Perform at Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2015

The Delhi progressive metal band are also nominated in five categories at RSMA 2015

Anurag Tagat Feb 27, 2015
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Colossal Figures. Photo: Aryaman Dixit

Colossal Figures. Photo: Aryaman Dixit

At the 2013 edition of Hornbill International Rock Contest in Kohima, Nagaland, one of the few bands to really work with light and smoke to a great buildup were Delhi progressive metal band Colossal Figures. They may not have made it to final round at Hornbill, but the band, who came together in 2010, spent the next year hard at work at their debut full-length album, Clockwork Dilation, building hype along the way.

Even though Clockwork Dilation released in July last year, most of Colossal Figures’ shows have been in and around Delhi NCR. They’re breaking that jinx now with their debut Mumbai performance at the sixth annual Rolling Stone Metal Awards on March 22nd at Blue Frog. Says guitarist Karan Mehta, “Ever since the album came out, we wanted to come down to Mumbai and play, but we never got the right opportunity.  This feels like just the platform we needed to break ice with what we have been told is the best crowd in the country.”

One among four bands slated to perform at RSMA, Colossal Figures are also nominated in five categories [vote here] and performing at the first pre-gig in Jaipur on March 7th, alongside Delhi tech/groove metallers Undying Inc., Mumbai-based thrash/death metallers Devoid and local metal bands Winter Gate and Deathscent. Guitarist Mehta is also co-organizing the Delhi pre-gig on March 8th, which includes Undying Inc. and Devoid, alongside RSMA nominees like math metal band Kraken and prog metallers Pyramids.

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For their set in Mumbai, Colossal Figures will perform songs off Clockwork Dilation, including “cleaner songs” like “Suffuse” and “Scry,” rarities in the band’s live set. Mehta adds, “We’re not that generic metal band, especially because we’ve got a lot of clean elements in which we get lost while performing.” As for being nominated, the guitarist says they never expected to be nominated, but are much happier knowing they’re playing in Mumbai. Mehta, however, adds, “I’m most positive about [us] winning Best Vocalist and Best Drummer.”

Colossal Figures perform at Casio presents Rolling Stone Metal Awards on March 22nd, 2015 at Blue Frog, Mumbai. Stay tuned for the full lineup and more event details.

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