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Colossal Figures Return to the Stage This Week

The New Delhi metallers talk about working in earnest on new material ahead of their first show in a year at gigs series Dhatu Drishya Adhyaya

Anurag Tagat Jun 18, 2017
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Colossal Figures live at the Double Bill in New Delhi in 2016. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Colossal Figures live at the Double Bill in New Delhi in 2016. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Guitarist and full-time event organizer Karan Mehta is nursing a injured leg just a day before Colossal Figures play on homeground, at the fifth edition of gig series Dhatu Drishya Adhyaya.

He’s got bandmate and bassist Karsan Chaudhary taking care of all his gear and Mehta hopes he recovers in time for Sunday. He adds, “I’ve done a gig before like this. I remember we were playing a competition ”“ the college dean opened a door and it hit me accidentally on my eye and I got a bad cut. I had a patti and shit, I played a gig. But we won the competition.”

Colossal Figures, who released their debut album Clockwork Dilation in 2014, are making a slow return together ever since the sudden passing of their vocalist Govind Marodia in 2015. They regrouped with vocalist Dhairya Sethi (from metallers Rabbit Is Rich) to perform at The Double Bill in New Delhi in June last year, but since then, the band members have been busy with their individual projects. Drummer Rijul Victor produces electronica under the moniker Corridors, guitarist Saksham Gupta is part of experimental electro-rock band Zenguin and Mehta has his tours. However, Mehta adds, “We always talked about writing something and working something out, but we’ve got down to it now. We’re looking at making new songs and hopefully release an EP by November.”

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The new sound is still rooted in progressive rock and metal, but will change, according to the guitarist. Since everything’s still being written, the band will stick to songs off Clockwork Dilation and throw in a couple of covers for the first time in a long time. Mehta says, “We’re doing Lamb of God’s ”˜Walk With Me in Hell’ ”“ we used to play that song all the time, a shoutout to the old Colossal days. That’s how people got into us. We’re also doing an Audioslave cover. The vocalist is a huge fan and [frontman Chris] Cornell got him into singing.”

Later in the year, there’s set to be a proper tour to coincide with the EP release, and a show in Bengaluru in the coming months. Mehta adds, “We’re giving it all time.”

Dhatu Drishya Adhyaya 5 ft Colossal Figures, Adamantium, The Forbidden Ritual, Killkount and Dreamscapade takes place at Antisocial, New Delhi on June 18th, 6:3o PM onwards. Entry: Rs 400. Event details here.

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