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Colossal Figures Vocalist Govind Marodia Dead at 24

The Delhi prog metal band’s frontman and founding member passed away following a road accident

Rolling Stone India Jul 08, 2015
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Colossal Figures vocalist Govind Marodia at RSMA 2015 in March in Mumbai. Photo: Prashin Jagger

Colossal Figures vocalist Govind Marodia at RSMA 2015 in March in Mumbai. Photo: Prashin Jagger

Govind Marodia, the vocalist and founding member of Delhi progressive metal band Colossal Figures, passed away on July 8th following a brain haemhorrage caused by a road accident in Delhi. Marodia, 24, was admitted to a local hospital following the accident on Sunday night, and was in the intensive care unit on July 6th and 7th.

The band’s drummer Rijul Victor told us that Marodia’s condition had improved on the night of July 7th, but succumbed to injuries the next day. Victor, who joined Colossal Figures in 2010, a year after the band members got together, posted on his Facebook page today, “Govind Marodia is no longer with us and has rested in the Lord! Pray for his soul and his family in the grievous hours!”

Marodia, who studied law and was also a theater actor, played his last show with Colossal Figures at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards in March in Mumbai, although there were plans to perform in Bengaluru. The vocalist will be best known for his dynamic range of vocals, exhibited on their 2014 debut full-length album Clockwork Dilation ”“ from the crisp clean vocals to the harsh growls that perfectly fit into the prog metal sound of Colossal Figures. Marodia led the band through some of their biggest performances, including the Hornbill International Rock Contest in 2013 in Nagaland and at NH7 Weekender in Delhi NCR in 2014. Vocalist Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy, formerly of Mumbai hardcore band Scribe said in an online post, “I met him just once right after Colossal Figures got off stage after playing a blistering set at Blue Frog, Bombay earlier this year. I can’t get over what I’ve just read. I just cannot imagine what his brothers and family must be going through. Peace be with you, brothers. The indie metal community stands with you. Farewell, Govind Marodia. You were one of the finest vocalists in the scene.”

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Delhi tech/groove metal band Undying Inc.’s frontman Shashank Bhatnagar also mourned Marodia’s passing. On Facebook, Bhatnagar said, “Met him quite a few times, he was a gentle and kind guy, with a great voice. This is such a horrible news [sic].. Can’t even imagine how people will cope with such a young & talented loss. More strength to his family & bandmates. Music scene’s lost a gem today.”

While the band was in the process of writing new material, it is still uncertain whether Colossal Figures will carry on as a band.

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