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As Aadar Jain gears up for the release of his situational comedy, ‘Hello Charlie’ on Amazon Prime Video, he discusses the advent of OTT, and the need for a good laugh in today’s times

Ananya Swaroop Apr 08, 2021

Actor Aadar Jain. Photo: Abheet Gidwani

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A year into the pandemic, we’re all in dire need to sit down and have a hearty laugh, albeit in front of our TV screens. The makers of the extremely successful comedy film Fukrey, are introducing a promising side of Aadar Jain in their new comedy this season, Hello Charlie. The story of a simple boy-next-door and his adventurous road trip with Toto, a gorilla, is at the centre of this film, and what follows is a distinctively humorous tale of goof ups. We sit down with Jain to talk about the genre, his gap between films, the pandemic, and more. 

How has the whole experience of Hello Charlie been for you?
Crazy, unique, an opportunity of a lifetime, a lot of fun, adventurous, entertaining, a learning experience, the list goes on. It just has been an amazing experience as an actor to learn so much, to be able to work with such great actors. It is a good feeling.  

What kind of an impact do you think the film will have on the audience?
First of all, I hope everyone enjoys the film. They’re going to have a smile on their faces after they watch the film. The trailer and the song are getting good responses. We have spoken to family, friends, colleagues, and they all have given positive feedback, whether it is about me, the film, the idea, or the storyline. The fact that there is a boy and a gorilla on a road trip, that is so crazy. But everything is very logical in this script. It is one of those intelligent comedies, which is a full comedy of errors, and I really feel that people are going to be entertained, especially at times like this, where we are missing out on comedies, on family entertainment films where families can sit together and watch a film, and just feel entertained. 

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I also want kids to see it. They have been at home since last year because of the pandemic, so I feel like they might be bored. This is a very kid-friendly film. The other day, I was outside my building, and I saw a few kids doing the ‘One Two One Two’ dance step, which has gone viral. These kids ask me, “Charlie, where is Toto?” and it feels so nice that kids are connecting to it. I feel like because it is a clean comedy with a U-certificate, anyone can watch it. Kela kha ke, akela dekh sakte ho.

Aadar Jain and Toto at Imagica. Photo: Abheet Gidwani

Tell us more about the storyline and your character’s journey in the film.
He is just a small town boy who has come to Mumbai for work so that he can repay his father’s loan. As a simple person, he takes time to adjust to Mumbai’s culture. And while he is trying to adjust to his new life, he does a lot of goof ups. He is a goof up. He is lovable at the end of the day, and it was very easy to play this character. You know, how there is a saying, ‘Jo kuch nahi karte, woh kamaal karte hain’? He is one of those characters.

“One Two One Two,” your song, released recently. How was the experience of shooting the songs of the film?
Amazing. It was one of a kind. I have seen on-screen idols like Rajesh Khanna ji doing Haathi Mere Saathi, and now I am getting to do this song with a gorilla. Shooting and rehearsing for the song with Ganesh Acharya, who has choreographed the song, was amazing, and he has given us such a cool hook step. While Tanishq Bagchi is back with a superb song, Nakash Aziz is singing it and I loved his earlier song, “Jabra Fan,” and I am also so happy that he has sung this song.

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How do you feel about the advent of OTT?
OTT platforms like Amazon Prime have given artists a lot of opportunities and as a viewer as well, you are spoilt for choice. It is great because it allows more people to write interesting and different kinds of stories. There are different platforms, there are different formats now. It gives you a chance to be a part of good content and good cinema and eventually, it is good for the industry as well. 

Were you sceptical about going on the sets after the pandemic?
I was in a dilemma. Obviously, I wanted to get back to work because I felt like I was at home for four and a half months by then. I was bored, and I’d prefer to do what I love, but at the same time, I used to live with my parents so I have to think about them. I cannot be foolish there. But this is my work. It is not like I am stepping out for any entertainment. I was very excited, but I was a little hesitant because of them. But once we started shooting, it felt normal. Nothing happened, and everything went well. 

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