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Curtain Blue And Komorebi Channel Synth Pop With New Collab ‘Green Tea’

The New Delhi artists have also included remixes of the track by producers Grain, Jitter and Malfnktion as part of a four-track EP

David Britto Jan 28, 2020

New Delhi artists Curtain Blue (left) and Komorebi. Photo: Yeashu Yuvraj

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Even though New Delhi vocalists-producers Abhishek Bhatia aka Curtain Blue and Tarana Marwah aka Komorebi have been hanging about in the same music circle for years, the pair have only recently come together to work on material with each other. That fresh offering comes wrapped in a four-track silky electronica EP titled Green Tea.

Released via one half of the capital’s veteran electronica duo Midival Punditz, Gaurav Raina aka Grain’s label Gravity Sounds, the record includes Curtain Blue and Komorebi gliding through synthwave sounds on the title track while the rest of the EP features three remixes from producers such as Jitter, Malfnktion as well as Grain.

On how their collaboration came about, Marwah says, “I think it helped that we had similar sensibilities as producers and singers – we like the same bands, harmony, samples – to a point where we started to wonder why we didn’t think of it earlier.” Bhatia adds, “It’s amazing for me to meet like-minded people, a collaboration between Komorebi and I is an obvious outcome of the years of friendship, understanding and appreciation for each other’s work.”

According to the artists, the structure for “Green Tea” was penned in a day at Bhatia’s home after listening to a bunch of music together. “[We] toyed around with sounds and samples, had ‘green tea’ and there you go,” he says. The song itself features lush vocals from both Bhatia and Marwah and includes a shiny electronica undertone that blends in well with Komorebi’s hooky “oohs” which carry through the entire song. She says in jest, “We can all agree it’s the catchiest part of the song, right?”

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Marwah tells us that the day the song was written they had been listening to a lot of American electronica duo Sylvan Esso. Bhatia adds that the song is about “a bunch of friends, sitting by a bonfire, talking about good times and their shared conscience.” Marwah says, “I suppose it’s relevant (in a quarter-life crisis-y sort of way) to anyone who understands the importance of hanging out with your friends and letting loose once in a while.”

The track’s accompanying music video — directed by Riddhiman Ghosh and produced by Concept Counter — sees the pair performing the track across moody color tones, glitchy scenes and dynamic backdrops. “The music video was initially meant to be a shoot for [music brands] AKAI-ALESIS because we are both sponsored artists. It turned into something bigger thanks to our awesome production house Concept Counter led by Riddhiman, who has a super cool eye and aesthetic. He really brought out the best in us, while keeping it real and natural,” says Marwah.

There’s more music in the works from Curtain Blue and Komorebi and both artists stress on the fact that the material they work on together is largely different from their solo projects. “I like stepping outside of my crazy brain to write newer tunes with other people,” says Marwah. Bhatia adds, “Watch out for our live act, we’re going to paint your city pink and blue!”

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Watch the video below: 

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