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D’Evil Gets Cheeky and Lays Down the Law in ‘Kaancheck’ Music Video

The Gully Gang rapper is all slap-happy and irreverent with his latest Hindi song produced by Karan Kanchan

Rolling Stone India Apr 16, 2021

Mumbai-based hip-hop artist D'Evil aka Dhaval Parab. Photo: GLTCH/Mohit Mukhi

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Mumbai rapper D’Evil aka Dhaval Parab dons the khaki and essays the role of a cop in his hilarious new song “Kaancheck,” the first to come out after signing to Mass Appeal India.

In the video directed by fellow Gully Gang crew member Joel D’Souza aka JD, the hip-hop artist is brash, unsparing and out for dishing out embarrassing punishments to criminals. Sall-time pickpockets to harassers and biggies like corrupt politicians and mafioso arrive in D’Evil and his constable’s line of fire, as the rapper’s distinctly comical delivery takes the limelight.

D’Evil said in a statement, “While initially I wanted to pay a tribute to the real-life law enforcement heroes like Himanshu Roy, Hemant Karkare, Kiran Bedi with this single, I also wanted to maintain a very unbiased stance keeping in mind the current socio-political fabric. The single covers every form of offence in a non-preachy fashion from corruption, bribery, scams to terrorism, assault and something as straightforward as spitting on the roads.”

With a little help from his local maushis who have their slippers handy to trash a lazy bureaucrat or belligerent local trouble-maker, “Kaancheck” also drops with the clear messaging about systematic failures in social behavior. “Imagining a fearless, crime-free society is impossible without having an intrepid duty-bound policing system on one hand and responsible citizens who abide by the rules on the other hand. The need of the hour is a wakeup call and being more conscious of our doings,” D’Evil adds.

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The music video also stars Saurabh Ghadge, Neel Nitin Salekar aka Just Neel Things and Karan Sonanvne aka Focused Indian, plus Roshan Chauhan. The playfulness of “Kaancheck” comes through sonically as well, with producer Karan Kanchan working in a sample of seemingly child-like gibberish throughout. D’Evil revels in tying up a miscreant and serves up standard Marathi cop lingo and wordplay: “Kay Bob Marley? Kon Bob Marley? Aata me bagh kashi maarli!” (What Bob Marley, who Bob Marley? Watch how I bash you).

Watch the music video for “Kaancheck” below. Stream the song here.

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