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Daira Release New Music Video, Plot Seven-City Tour

The Mumbai Hindi rock band employ stop-motion animation and sardonic humor for “Meri Soch”

Nabeela Shaikh Jun 09, 2016
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In their part-lyric, part-narrative and fully animated video “Meri Soch”, Daira take on the manufacturing line-style of existence, education and religion. The film follows a flock of sheep and its rebellious black sheep protagonist through its “another-brick-in-the-wall”-esque schooling and societal rearing, alternated with shots of the individualistic anthem’s lyrics.

On the four-minute-long, stop-motion “Meri Soch”, the band roped in in-house photographers and close collaborators Ashwyn Warrier and Fahad Sheikh to conceptualize and produce almost 45,000 frames in the video.

Prior to the video release, the Mumbai-based band, who released their debut album last year, spent almost two months building the buzz by reaching out to fans and asking them for their ‘#merisoch’ stories, which they then shared on their Facebook page. Says vocalist Piyush Kapoor, “We wanted people to voluntarily help in this, and give them something because they are our fans. We asked them to do random shit like dubsmashes, videos and to share their stories.”

The band are now touring seven cities to promote the video, apart from testing newer material from their upcoming second full-length album. Going by live material like “Bhookamp” and “Mahaul”, the as-yet-untitled release will be high on lengthy instrumental passages and metal-leaning guitarwork. Says Kapoor, “We’ve composed five songs but are looking to have eight to nine tracks, and maybe a bonus track. We’re also working on a mellow English [bonus] track.”

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Daira tour dates:

June 8th, Blue Frog, Mumbai

June 10th, Classic Rock Coffee Co., Pune

June 12th, Indigo Live Music Bar, Bengaluru

June 15th, Music Mojo Shoot, Trivandrum

June 16th, The Muse Room, Kochi

June 17th, Groove Shack, Calicut

June 24th, TBA

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