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Danish Streaming Service Moodagent Arrives In India

With artificial intelligence aiding music recommendation based on ‘moods’ and ‘flavors,’ a premium subscription costs ₹119 per month

Anurag Tagat Jun 22, 2021

A shot displaying Moodagent's app features and interface

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India’s music streaming market just received another global player with the launch of Moodagent, the Danish platform whose unique selling point involves artificial technology generated interactive playlists that cater to moods.

Originally launched as a streaming service in Denmark in 2019, the company has been steadily expanding to European territories and started operations in Australia in May. Moodagent’s India offices are in New Delhi and Mumbai and national functioning is headed by Jyoti Handa as executive vice president and managing director of Moodagent India. Handa says over an email interview that the launch of their India office has been in the works for 12 months.

Offered with a 14-day free trial which is followed by a premium subscription model charging ₹119 per month, there’s currently not much of an Indian catalog present on Moodagent, although major ground has been covered with the international repertoire. Handa says, “We have presented to the Indian consumers access to International Music (covers almost all big and small labels), we shall be adding the Indian regional music to Moodagent as well which is in the works.”

In terms of partnerships with Indian major labels and other players, Moodagent remain tight-lipped except for Handa mentioning that they’ve received “a lot of support from the labels in India.” He added, “The whole ecosystem [in India] is very friendly.”

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The executive — who has had previous stints in technology companies like Intel and Dialogic, plus telecommunications giant Airtel – believes that “consumer experience” can be enhanced by technology and in turn aids business. Handa says Moodagent can be a “catalyst” in an environment where streaming – video and audio – has gradually found more takers in India. He adds, “We feel the music listening experience Moodagent is bringing to the Indian consumer will create a niche and help consumers create their personalized playlists by just a tap. We feel Moodagent will revolutionize the whole music industry with the uptake of new/old content and at the same time discovery of new artists in the app.”

Check out Moodagent for a free trial here.

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