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Darshan Raval Launches Rolling Stone India’s March Cover at United Colors of Benetton

The singer-songwriter launched the 11th anniversary issue of the magazine in Ahmedabad last week

Rolling Stone India Mar 12, 2019

Benetton CEO Sundeep Chugh, Darshan Raval and Rolling Stone India executive editor Nirmika Singh pose with the March 2019 cover.

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Singer-songwriter Darshan Raval launched the March 2019 cover of Rolling Stone India last week at United Colors of Benetton amongst much cheer and fanfare. The 24-year-old returned to his hometown Ahmedabad for the occasion and joined Rolling Stone India Executive Editor Nirmika Singh and United Colors of Benetton India CEO and MD Sundeep Chugh to discuss a mutual commitment to diversity, artistry and inspiration that led to the cover, as well as the experience of shooting it.

Raval was dressed from head-to-toe in United Colors of Benetton’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

“I had a lot of fun shooting this cover,” said Raval as it was unveiled, sporting a big smile on his face. “It was completely heartfelt, even the things that I spoke about [in the interview] and whatever I did at the shoot. So it was completely like family. I think [the photos] captured my mood perfectly that day and I also got a new makeover, a new style, by Benetton so I’m super happy about that.” The cover launch also coincided with the launch of United Colors Of Benetton’s new Spring/Summer collection, which Raval was sporting at the event, as well as in the cover spread.

“Benetton has always been the kind of brand that believes in diversity, art and inspirational stories,” said Chugh about collaborating with Raval. “When you look at our journey right from inception, it’s always been very clearly focused on art, music and all the inspirational things happening in the world.”

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Rolling Stone India‘s decision to have Raval on the cover comes from a long-term commitment to supporting artists who aren’t afraid to pursue their dreams and make it a reality. “Rolling Stone has always been about supporting the dreamers,” said Singh. “Whether it is Darshan Raval, Metallica or Zakir Hussain, it’s people who have dreamt big that have become big and these are the people that we want to honor.”

The day ended with Raval treating the audience to a few lines from his tracks “Kamariya” and “Chogada,” and signing autographs and taking photos with his numerous fans who had gathered at the store.

Watch all the behind the scenes action from Darshan Raval’s Rolling Stone India cover shoot below:

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