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Dave Grohl blogs about his recent mishap in Sweden

The Foo Fighters frontman posts his X-Rays to the band website with an apology for canning the rest of the shows

Rolling Stone India Jun 17, 2015
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Dave Grohl arriving at his hotel in London. Photo: Niki Nikolova / GC Images

Dave Grohl arriving at his hotel in London. Photo: Niki Nikolova / GC Images

After Dave Grohl’s recent stumble during the Foo Fighters show in Sweden, the band canceled the rest of their shows including their Glastonbury appearance. The Foo Fighters frontman wrote a heartfelt apology on the band website and described the concert at Ullevi stadium in Gothenburg as the “single most bizarre Foo Fighters show in the entire 20 years of being a band.” All patched up in a cast with six metal screws plunged into his leg, Grohl promised to return stronger as soon as possible.

This is some of what Grohl had to say:  “As I lay there on my back, I just thought, “Are you kidding me? We haven’t even gotten to the screamy bit of the song and the gig is fucking OVER?” So, I asked for a microphone and told the audience I’d get fixed up and come right back to finish the show ASAP. Shock? Probably. But, I couldn’t stand the thought of such a perfect night going to waste! I looked at our drummer Taylor and said, “Bust out some Chevy Metal covers while they fix me up!” So, as the band kicked in to “Stay With Me” by The Faces, the medics poured me onto a stretcher, took me off to the side, cut my favorite pants off (so bummed) and popped my ankle back into place. I asked if I could get back onstage to finish the show, but they said I needed a cast (which was 20 minutes away at the hospital) to hold my ankle in place. So I looked my EMT, Johan in the eyes and said “Well, then you’re coming up there with me right now and holding it in place until they can bring the cast here. Ready?” He stared at me wide-eyed for a second and said, “OK, lets’ go”¦” .

This may have been one of the most memorable nights for most fans as Grohl continued the show, seated with a cast on his ankle for the rest of the show.

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You can read Grohl’s entire letter to his fans [with images of his X-Rays] on the Foo Fighters website,


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