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Dave Matthews Band Debut ‘The Riff’ on Tour

Band has played song three times on the road so far this summer

Patrick Doyle Jul 06, 2012
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On Tuesday in Darien Center, New York, Dave Matthews Band played their new song “The Riff” for the fourth show in a row. The sixth track from their upcoming album Away From The World (due in September), the song does indeed include an ominous acoustic guitar riff which grows violent once the full band joins in. It’s a fitting arrangement for the track, a desperate plea to resurrect a fading relationship with Matthews growling, “I don’t know the man that’s living in my head if I don’t know the woman sleeping in my bed.” 

The band’s summer tour has been full of surprises, with fans treated to new songs “Mercy” and rare cuts like the unreleased “Shotgun” and 1993’s “The Song That Jane Likes.” 

Here’s a video of the band performing “The Riff” on June 27th at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey.

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