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Davi to Tour India This Week

California electronica artist David Khanjian talks about production, music trends and why he’s excited about his debut performance in the country

Jessica Kilbane Oct 17, 2014


Beginning as a DJ in Armenian clubs, David Khanjian has come a long way since he was 16. The California-based producer, who performs under the moniker Davi, has in recent years performed alongside artists such as English producer John Digweed, Canadian electronic musician Richie Hawtin, Iranian American techno/house producer Dubfire, among others. Says Khanjian, “The music business can be very difficult to break into and to make a living off. It is definitely not easy to make music and it is definitely not for everyone.”

The producer, who is known for his inventive style that blends techno and deep house, draws from a range of rock bands including Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. Says  Khanjian, “Shaping or finding your own sound can be quite difficult in the beginning especially when you appreciate a lot of different styles. I think dance music is headed wherever we take it, we all have been influencing each other with our own unique and special sounds.” With a background in music and a degree from Yerevan Komitas State Conservator in Armenia, Khanjian’s production is heavy on melodies and incorporates a variety of instruments. Says Khanjian , “My best results come from improvising on keyboard or guitar, playing around with loops and synths until something catches my ear.I like to play like I am partying with everyone.” The artist who devotes six hours a day to producing music, likes to spend his down time listening to artists such as French music duo Air and German electronic musician Apparat. After releasing his first EP Two Suns In The Sky last year, he is already working on his debut album, slated to be launched next year. Adds the producer, “I try to stay away from the trend as much as I can. In my opinion, deep house has already turned into something else just like progressive house did. I really hope this doesn’t happen with techno.”

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Speaking about what he plans for his performances in Pune, Chennai and Bengaluru, Khanjian says that he will be curating a special set for each city, but doesn’t want to give away too many details. He adds, “I usually like to feel the vibe of the city and maybe get a chance to check out the venue for a sound check to understand and imagine what type of sound I want to play.” After his tour of India, and his performance at the Hennessy Artistry Club Series, Khanjian has performances lined up in Ecuador, Lebanon and Europe.


Davi India Tour

Hennessy Artistry Club Series with live electronica act BLaNK
October 17th, 2014 ”“ Euriska, Pune

October 18th, 2014 ”“ Q Bar, Chennai

October 19th, 2014 ”“ Tao Terraces, Bengaluru

Listen to Davi’s live set at Burning Man in 2013:


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