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David Bowie Keyboardist Mike Garson: ‘He Was a Chameleon’

Garson signed an eight-week contract with David Bowie in 1972, and then stuck around for three decades

Andy Greene Jan 31, 2016
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When Mike Garson was hired to play piano for David Bowie on the Ziggy Stardust tour in September of 1972, he had every reason to think the gig would be short-lived. Bowie only offered him an eight-week contract, and he was the fourth pianist brought onto the tour during just a few months. Against all odds, Garson not only endured throughout the entire tour, he stuck with the singer all the way through Young Americans in 1975, and then came back in the 1990s (after leaving the Church of Scientology) and was a key member of Bowie’s live bands all the way through his final onstage appearance in 2006.

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