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DAY6’s Wonpil Makes a Poignant Solo Debut With ‘Voiceless’

Accompanied by a music video, the single forays the singer-songwriter’s first album ‘Pilmography’

Divyansha Dongre Feb 07, 2022

South Korean singer-songwriter and DAY6 member Wonpil

Rooted in a spellbinding cinematic storyline, DAY6’s Wonpil explores heartbreak and loneliness in the latest release “Voiceless.” The track marks the singer-songwriter’s long-awaited debut as a soloist, leading his 10-track album Pilmography.

Co-composed alongside Hong Ji Sang, Wonpil’s “Voiceless” is a sentimental ballad with underlining waltz and blues tones, giving the track a melancholic essence. Opening with a mellow, wistful piano melody Wonpil’s euphonious vocals elucidates the reason behind calling off a relationship: “This is my confession, hoping for your happiness/ Let’s put an end to us, Let’s not see each other again.” With the gradual introduction of a hollow percussion arrangement into the mix, Wonpil creates an empathetic melody, reflecting the longing and doleful place the song’s storyline comes from. 

Wonpil (who has co-written the track alongside fellow bandmate Young K), pens the track from a place of reflection and regret, giving him the strength to loosen the grip around an empty relationship riddled with an imbalance of affection: “Bye, goodbye/ I wish you well/ At a place where I’m not by your side/ Wishing for you to find the happiness you never had.” Though ashamed of his actions that led to the demise of the relationship, the protagonist (played by Wonpil) wishes for better days in the future as he lets go of his partner whom he still thinks fondly of: “If you survive through this pain/ Your tomorrow would be a better day/ Than the days you stood by my side.”

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Loosely based on Disney’s The Little Mermaid, the music video conveys the emotional complexities of the track through the love affair between a man and a mermaid. Although the mermaid has exited from his life, the protagonist finds himself disassociating from reality, daydreaming about reuniting with the mystical creature. However, as the cold slap of reality strikes him, Wonpil becomes overwhelmed with sorrow and grief, as he stares at the grains of sands slipping through his fingers—a possible metaphor explaining how he has little control over his life.

Earlier today, JYP Entertainment (home to DAY6) announced that Wonpil will be rescheduling his comeback activities as a staff member tested positive for Covid-19. Since the staff member and Wonpil worked in close proximity, the vocalist underwent a PCR test (results of which are he’s awaiting), as well as a self-diagnosis test which came out negative. Though Wonpil isn’t exhibiting any symptoms, the vocalist has entered a week-long quarantine. 

“Regardless of the test results, he will be going into self-quarantine for one week for preemptive measures,” JYP Entertainment revealed in their statement. “Due to this, we will be postponing his comeback. We will inform you once again after rescheduling his activities.”


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