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DC Superheroes Unite in First ‘Justice League’ Teaser

Ben Affleck’s Batman recruits “people with special abilities” in sneak peak at upcoming blockbuster, featuring Aqua Man and the Flash

Daniel Kreps Jul 24, 2016
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Immediately following the debut of the Wonder Woman trailer at Comic-Con, the DC Cinematic Universe unveiled the teaser for part two of their huge 2017 plans: Justice League, the massive ensemble blockbuster that unites Batman, Wonder Woman, Aqua Man, the Flash and Cyborg (and maybe Superman).

The lighthearted teaser ”“ an attempt to move away from the criticism that Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was overly dark and joyless ”“ shows Bruce Wayne going from DC Comics legend to DC Comics legend with his plead for unification. He’s outright rejected and then threatened by Aqua Man, played byGame of Thrones‘ Jason Momoa, but Ezra Miller’s superfast Barry Allen/The Flash is quick to sign up.

“I’m putting together a team. People with special abilities. You see, I believe enemies are coming,” Wayne tells Allen, with the teenager quickly interjecting, “Stop right there, I’m in.” Later in the teaser, Ray Fischer’s Cyborg appears alongside Batman.

Noticeably absent from the teaser, however: Superman, which makes sense to anyone who’s seen Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Despite the no-show, Superman portrayer Henry Cavill was still on hand at Comic-Con, with director Zack Snyder remarking, “You’ve got to have Superman,” perhaps a hint regarding the hero’s inevitable return.

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Justice League, the DC Cinematic Universe’s second major ensemble after the upcoming supervillain team-up Suicide Squad, hits multiplexes November 2017.

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