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Dead Space

[Four stars]
Electronic Arts
Genre: Action
Price: $6.99 (iPhone/iPod Touch), $9.99 (iPad)

Atul Kumar Apr 05, 2011
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Cellphone games have never had it so good. There was Angry Birds that made gaming on the small screen socially acceptable and then there was Infinity Blade that made it cool for the hardcore crowd.

Now  there’s Dead Space with its console-like production values miniaturised for the iPhone. The graphics and lighting are top-notch, so are the sound-effects that demand the use of earphones.

Donning the role of Vandal, an engineer on a thriving space colony you’re set forth to sabotage it’s fragile ecosystem. If you’re a Dead Space fan, you’ll find the plot satisfying in ways more than one. This is because events of the iPhone game tie-in directly with the excellent Dead Space 2 game.

And if you’re not a fan, you’ll find the gratuitous combat, unlockables and a variety of thrills right up your alley as it has as much playability as its console counterparts, in some cases more so with its controls. Tap the left half to move and the right half to shoot ”“ it’s quite intuitive really.

While they work just fine on the iPhone version, playing it on the iPad was better as aiming was a lot more precise, given that you have more screen space to play with.

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In spite of its relatively high price, if you’re looking for some bite-sized horror on the go look no further than Dead Space. It’s a near-perfect experience of what we’ve come to know and love on consoles.

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