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Dee MC Offers Life Lessons from Her Journey Through Fame and Fortune on New EP ‘MMM’

The Mumbai-based rapper and songwriter packs in bars about relationships, material success, human greed and celebration

Anurag Tagat Nov 11, 2022

Dee MC aka Deepa Unnikrishnan. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Mumbai rapper Dee MC aka Deepa Unnikrishnan embarks on a journey of introspection and escapism and invokes human vulnerabilities on her new EP Money Made Maniac aka MMM.

The title track is as slick as it gets, with Dee MC taking names and kicking ass in the snarling way she’s best known for, complete with a hook from rapper Hakim. “The overall tone of the EP is somewhere between my old music and the upcoming music in store. It’s a big personality shift I am heading towards, moving away from the conscious side of things and moving towards a more dance-worthy approach of making music.”

Changes in cadence, tones and themes make MMM a vehicle for Dee MC’s experiments – there’s sensuality and introspection coupled together on “What Am I To You,” while her expected shift to the dancefloor is heard on “Loot Le” featuring Sahir, as well as the anthem-like “Look At Me Now” featuring Shillong rapper-singer Meba Ofilia.

Dee MC says there’s been an intentional “hallucinating effect” that she and producer Bellabio envisioned for the title track, to drive home the mind-altering effect of money on one’s mind. “Money Made Maniac is my way of telling people that if you have a problem with the way your life is, no amount of money is going to fill that hollow space. The track ‘Loot Le’ aims to show how humans would purge away if given an opportunity to purge scot-free.”

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The EP was launched in October and coincided with Dee MC’s performance at #HennessyFreestyle Hip-Hop Concert in Mumbai, alongside peers like Ikka, Dino James, Fotty Seven and more. For her set, she brought in more choreography and visuals and says it’s set a benchmark for the shows she wants to put on going forward. “I’m moving towards choreographing my sets and bringing back the dancer in me to life. My journey in hip hop started as a dancer so I’m excited to be going back to my roots,” she says.

In addition to a music video for “What Am I To You” coming up, Dee MC is also dropping a collaboration with Los Angeles rapper Reverie, whom she cites as a significant inspiration. “Getting to make this song with her has been a full circle moment for me,” Dee MC adds.

Her own collaboration radar is out and Dee MC says she’s keen on finding “like-minded artists who are ready to take the initiative of making and getting the song out there.” She adds, “2023 is going to be totally new, sound-wise. Listeners can expect a brand new style heavy on the melody side. I already have songs in store with multiple producers and artists.”

Listen to ‘MMM’ EP below. Stream on more platforms here.


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