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Delhi-Based Band Eclectica Document Indian Folk Music

Eclectica, an open band to create crowd sourced music, includes over 70 musicians; are traveling across the country to document folk music

Rolling Stone India May 01, 2014
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In 2010, six architecture college students from Bhopal kicked off a music collaboration ”“ one that was not limited by genres or number of members ”“ in effect, creating crowd sourced music way ahead of the trend. 

Unlike just another band, Eclectica is a registered non-profit entity funded by donations and its members. Of course, given that its members are located across the country and considering professional commitments, Eclectica has written and produced only six songs until date. Their most recent release “Sayyan” is currently charting on the online music platform, OKListen and Eclectica has already begun work on a brand new project.

Since last March, the six core members of the band have been traveling across the country, documenting traditional folk music and weaving in folk music forms in their own music to make it more appealing to a contemporary audience. Says 22-year-old Abhinav  Agrawal, an architecture student and one of the original members of Eclectica, “2.0 is a project series which was conceptualized to make music – not just as a medium of entertainment, but as a connecting bond of human association with its environment.” They are currently working on “Chaiti,” a folk fusion project inspired by the hindustani classical folk tradition of northern and central Uttar Pradesh with Grammy-winning mixing engineer PA Deepak and mastering engineer Reuben Cohen, who last worked together on Slumdog Millionaire. “Chaiti” originates from a semi-classical folk tradition sung in the month of Chait, which heralds the season of spring. Adds Agrawal, “ The sound cannot be replicated. We structure it, develop the song with the folk singers and the final outcome is a new fusion sound. But the concept stays intact.” The track will also integrate Hindustani music by three  Gharanas from Ajrari, Gwalior and Jaipur.

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To know more about Eclectica’s work, go here.


Watch Sayyan below:


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