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Delhi Electronica Producer When Pandas Attack To Release Debut EP

The six-track EP titled ‘Things Pass By’ is metal band musician Ankur Chauhan’s take on electronica

Jessica Kilbane Sep 09, 2014

When Pandas Attack | Photo courtesy the artist


Delhi producer Ankur Chauhan, who performs under the alias When Pandas Attack, admits that his reason for turning to electronica was lethargy among other things. Says Chauhan, who has also been a member of Delhi-based nu-jazz band Not For Sale since 2013 and a member of several metal bands including Delhi-based metal bands such as Tearcube and Grammy Winning Effort in the past, “I want my music to evolve – and experimenting with music by yourself is easier than going for band practice.”

When Pandas Attack infuses elements of garage, glitch and even hip-hop to create a mix of dreamy electronica. Drawing inspiration from British producers such as Jon Hopkins, Four Tet and Gold Panda, Chauhan’s take on downtempo electronica is subtle and complex, imbuing the essence of his personal struggles and the need to overcome them. Says the producer, “It’s different from being in a band, where you’d usually start a song with a chord progression or riff. I’ve been experimenting a lot with percussion, melodies and moods. The tracks will have slow build-ups, bass, orchestrated cello and violin.” A collection of six-tracks that is slated for release in October, Things Pass By will feature vocalists such as Delhi’s Madhav Agarwal and will include tracks such as “Movement,” “So” as well as a reworked version of his single “Good Night To Bite.” Says Chauhan, “When I started producing last year, I had trouble navigating so many programs, so I’d pick these random sounds ”“ papers flipping or doors closing ”“ and use them in my tracks.”

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For his live performances, the producer plans to amplify his routine by adding a looper, guitar and small percussion instruments to his set-up. Adds the artist, “Being behind the console gives you an entirely different perspective about what audiences want and how music can make people react.”

When Pandas Attack will perform next at the Pune edition of Bacardi NH7 Weekender this November.


Listen to When Pandas Attack’s single “Good Night To Bite:”