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Delhi Guitarist Aditya Balani Releases New EP

The musician, who is known for his jazz leanings, goes back to his rock roots with ‘Constants and Variables’

Nirmika Singh Sep 14, 2015
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For people who know Aditya Balani as the founder of the jazz/world music collective Aditya Balani Group, his new EP might come as a surprise. The four-track album, titled Constants and Variables, showcases Balani’s singer-songwriter self. And his love for alt rock and pop.

LOW Aditya Balani - Photo credit - Mohit Kapil - 2

Delhi-based musican Aditya Balani. Photo: Mohit Kapil

Says Balani, “People think I am a jazz player, and as much as I love playing jazz, rock and pop have been part of my musical vocabulary ever since I started out.” In the past, the guitarist/composer has been part of several Delhi-based music outfits like Advaita, Incognito, Artistes Unlimited, Crimson and Think Floyd. His debut album Answers ”“ released in 2013 ”“ featured an eclectic mix of Hindustani classical, jazz and world music styles on eight contemplative and sometimes plaintive tracks. His new offering, on the other hand, is more lively and foot-tapping. Besides composing and playing guitar on the album, Balani has sung all four songs too. Lyrically, Constants and Variables explores themes such as the power of the human mind, regret and dilemma.

Balani also admits that Constants and Variables was “written really fast”; the musician spent 15 days in Mumbai’s Cotton Press Studio ”“ run by drummer and producer Rohan Ramanna ”“ on tracking all the parts. And although Balani might have taken a sharp turn from the kind of music he has been associated with of late, he feels Constants and Variables is like coming full circle. Says Balani, “Over the years, there were many songs that I wanted to work on, and they were piling up in my head. This EP has given them an outlet. The response has been very good; people seem to like it.”

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Starting today, September 14th, Balani will set out on a tour of six cities to promote the new release.

Check it out here.


Constants and Variables Tour Dates.

September 14
Chandigarh (Whistling Duck)

September 25/ 26
Kolkata (Jamsteady (Princeton Club)

October 7
Mumbai (”‹blueFROG)


October 9
Pune (High Spirits)

October 11
Bengaluru (The Humming Tree)

October 16
Venue: New Delhi (Qla)





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