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Delhi Producers Ash Roy and Ashvin Mani Sharma To Launch Indie Label In May

Jalebee Cartel producers will release Indian and international albums on new label, SoupHerb; also plan artist booking

Ambika Muttoo Apr 11, 2013
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(l-r) Ash Roy and Ashvin Mani Sharma

(l-r) Ash Roy and Ashvin Mani Sharma

Delhi electronica act Jalebee Cartel’s down time has given its members scope to break new ground. While Arjun Vagale launched his solo project Re:Focus late last year, Ash Roy and Ashvin Mani Sharma will launch SoupHerb, their new label, next month. The aim of the label, says Roy, is to provide an outlet for experimental music producers within techno, minimal, house and the sub genres that go with it. Sharma adds, “The electronic audience in India is just getting bigger and bigger and now’s the right time to launch. There are so many producers and DJs emerging. Why not start a label and scout around and give opportunities to new talent here as well as introduce some quality international producers to India?”

Since both Roy and Sharma have been regulars on Berlin’s electronica circuit, what with Jalebee Cartel’s massive popularity in Europe, it’s unsurprising that the duo want to strengthen ties with the city. SoupHerb’s first release, Can’t See, is an EP produced by German techno minimalist Breger and will be up for release this May. The title track, according to Roy is, “the one. It’s a bomb track about Breger’s experiences in Goa.”  Echoes of Germany, specifically, Berlin, the Mecca of techno, are deeply interwoven into SoupHerb’s identity and in Sharma and Roy’s musicality. Techno equals Germany,” says Sharma. Interestingly enough, the catalyst to set up the label was Kevin McHugh, aka Ambivalent, who played in India back in 2011.

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With pre-release parties already done and dusted in Pune, Kolkata and Mumbai and New Delhi, Roy and Sharma have already lined up eight EPs to be released this year after Can’t See. Roy’s Recovery Mode, which has a strong industrial techno base, is up for grabs right after, with Sharma’s other alias, Calm Chor’s It’s Always Techno following. The duo will be back in Berlin by then, and are already planning label parties in the city along with Breger and Moog Conspiracy. Even bigger wheels are turning, with Sharma revealing, “Right now, we are going to start with digital releases and go on to physical albums later. SoupHerb will also have an artist booking division. At the moment, Ash and I are under SoupHerb Bookings. Once we get a little more established, we  will sign on other artists.”



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