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Demonic Resurrection

By Nolan Lewis of Kryptos

Rolling Stone IN Mar 10, 2010

Photograph by Nathan Grossman

Few Indian bands in the last decade have had the impact that Demonic Resurrection have had on thousands of people all over the country and they are setting benchmarks along the way for other Indian bands to strive for. From amateurish music and ridiculous photo sessions to becoming one of the most respected and hardworking bands in the country tells you all you need to know about how dedicated they are to their craft. Whether it’s album production, artwork, merchandise, videos, or even live performances, you can be sure DR has never does things half-heartedly.

I still remember DR’s first performance in Bangalore at NLS nearly nine or 10 years ago. They were just kids at the time (as we all were back then) and they really made an impression on the audience despite the overt cheesiness of it all. People who were present there could tell they were a band that could and would go far with some focus and hard work, which is exactly what has happened since then.
Sahil Makhija is what makes DR tick, plain and simple. Ever since I’ve known him, DR has been his life. The amount of time and energy he’s put in the band over the years is nothing short of incredible. Only a guy like Sahil could turn something corny like ‘The Demonstealer’ into a household name among metalheads all over India. I definitely feel that their slot at the [Norway’s] Inferno Festival [this April] is a sign of even better things to come for DR. All the people who ridiculed and put him and DR down over the years should sit in a corner and eat crow because they’ll never achieve even an iota of what Sahil and DR have achieved in the last decade or what they will continue to achieve in the future.

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By Nolan Lewis of Kryptos

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