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Demonic Resurrection’s Bassist Ashwin Shriyan Leaves Band

The bass player announced his departure from the Mumbai extreme metallers this morning, just one day after the release of their fifth album ‘Dashavatar’

David Britto Mar 16, 2017
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Ashwin DR

Bassist Ashwin Shriyan announced his departure from Mumbai extreme metallers Demonic Resurrection this morning. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

This morning, bassist Ashwin Shriyan announced his departure from Mumbai metallers Demonic Resurrection, citing time restrictions and his changed “musical interests and priorities in life” as the reasons behind his leaving. The news comes just one day after the release of the band’s fifth album, Dashavatar.

“Well, what can I do?” sighs founder and frontman Sahil Makhija (aka The Demonstealer) when asked about yet another departure from Demonic Resurrection’s lineup. The band has lost a long list of members over its 17 years of existence, including keyboardist Mephisto last September and guitarist Daniel Rego in 2014. Makhija is the band’s only remaining original member. In bassist Shriyan’s case, the decision to leave was mutual, and not entirely unexpected. “Ashwin is actually busy with studio work and his job, so it was something we discussed quite often with the band trying to plan tours and gigs,” Makhija explains.

Shriyan joined Demonic Resurrection in 2012 and completed five years with the band two weeks ago. Despite his departure, Makhija’s feelings toward him remain positive. “He’s the best metal bassist I know,” Makhija says. “Everyone understands where he is coming from and we have to go with the flow as we always have done.”

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Shriyan’s full official statement reads: “After five wonderful years with Demonic Resurrection, I’ve finally made the decision to quit the band. I’ve had a wonderful journey all these years and have had some really memorable times with the band. Got to play at prestigious festivals, visit places I’d never though I otherwise would and made a lot of new friends. I’ll forever be grateful to the band without which I wouldn’t have thought of making a living out of music. My time in the band has literally been a transformation from a care free and casual kid to a very responsible adult. My musical interests and priorities in life have also changed over the years and I can no longer tour and give the time and commitment that the band needs. It’s time for the band to look for someone new with more enthusiasm who can take it forward from here. Sahil, Nishith and Viru still remain closest of friends and I wish them all the best for the future.”

Shriyan will continue to fill in on bass duties for the band till they find a suitable replacement. The band is now on the lookout for what will be their fourth bassist in 17 years. Makhija, for his part, seems resolved to the constant outflow of his band mates. “I realized a while back that I am the only one who is the driving force, and everybody else at the end of the day–no matter how committed–will never have the same passion I have,” he says. At this point, he can always see it coming. He adds, “I do sort of preempt the situations; I always know that things are going to end in some way or the other.”

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Demonic Resurrection is slated to perform at The Grand Mammoth Festival in Mumbai on March 26th and at The Other Side in Hyderabad on April 6th, which are likely to be their last gigs alongside Shriyan. But Makhija is still optimistic about the band’s future: though new members may come and go, he’s certain that the group will put out a follow up to Dashavatar and that they will keep playing for as long as they can. “I know myself and I generally pick up from wherever I’ve left off,” says Makhija.

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