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Demon’s Souls

[Three stars]
Rs 3499

Rolling Stone IN Aug 10, 2010

A couple of hours into Demon’s Souls world of Boletaria and you begin to believe that it shares credit with Chuck Norris for that old joke ”“ its chief export is pain.

The plot sees the medieval-Europe-inspired kingdom of Boletaria surrounded by an evil fog, cutting it off from the outside world making it a hotspot for many a wannabe hero to stake his claim to fame by rescuing it from the blight it faces. And yes, you would be that hero. Except you’d die a lot doing so.

Unlike most games nowadays which provide adequate checkpoints, health, power-ups and other such aides, Demon’s Souls forsakes all possible modern day trappings in favour of more old-school, brutal methods. No wonder then that the only version of the game available comes with a strategy guide.

Demon’s Souls lacks an easy mode. In fact, it gets tougher every time you die. And you will die. A lot. So much so that clearing a level would make you believe you’ve achieved the impossible. So much so that the premise is just an excuse to have your spoiled gaming bottom kicked.

Smart level design, sweet art-direction and quirky online modes just ease the pain ever so slightly. However play responsibly and you’d be rewarded handsomely not only with some sweet loot but with immense satisfaction as well.

All in all, Demon’s Souls isn’t a game for everyone. If you’re used to zipping past your games with relative ease stay away but if you want something that would test your limits of patience and perseverance, look no further.