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Three stars


Neha Sharma Apr 20, 2009
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”˜Wrong’ is the first single released from electronic music legends Depeche Mode’s twelfth album, Sounds of the Universe. While this will not make anyone sit up and take notice, it serves as good reminder that the New Wave electronica genius still lurks on the scene after nearly three decades of its existence and is just as capable of whipping up another equally pungent strain. ”˜Wrong’ rests in a diabolical soundscape, effected by the synergy of wicked notes and a grinding pulse inflected by eerie samples, while Nosferatu himself possesses Dave Gahan’s vocals. The sound is predominantly electronic; the band which often falls back on the guitar hasn’t bothered with instrumentation on this one. Lyrically, Gahan reprises his dystopian wanderings, reflecting a chain of events that led things awry: “I was born with the wrong sign/In the wrong house/With the wrong ascendancy/I took the wrong road/That led to the wrong tendencies.” ”˜Wrong’ definitely does not compare to their erstwhile masterpieces like ”˜A Pain That I Am Used To,’ ”˜Enjoy the Silence,’  ”˜Stripped,’ and ”˜Personal Jesus’ but it keeps the band’s dignity intact and lets us know that Depeche Mode is sincerely attempting to refurbish its sound, not reveling in past glories.

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