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Dethklok To Release Dethalbum III This Year

Musician Brendon Small’s virtual band from the animated show Metalocalypse, will release in a DVD format also featuring a documentary

rsiwebadmin Aug 21, 2012
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Dethklok frontman and creator Brendon Small

American virtual death metal band Dethklok may have faced a setback when their North America tour with Lamb of God fell through, but the band’s plan to release their third album this year is on track. The heroes of Adult Swim’s animated show Metalocalypse will release Dethalbum III on October 16th, 2012.

In an interview with ROLLING STONE India early this year, show creator and Dethklok frontman Brendon Small had said that the album was delayed because of a delay in the show’s production. Small wanted to schedule the release of the album after Metalocalypse’s Season Four went off air. “We started recording Dethalbum III  last year but only managed to finish recording now because there was a delay with the production company.” While waiting to finish recording for Dethalbum III, Small released a solo album called Galaktikon in April this year.

Dethalbum III will be released online and also be available on DVD, which will include a 32-minute documentary and music

Dethalbum III


The Dethalbum III track listing:

1. ”˜I Ejaculate Fire’

2. ”˜Crush the Industry’

3. ”˜Andromeda’

4. ”˜The Galaxy’

5. ”˜Starved’

6. ”˜Killstardo Abominate’

7. ”˜Ghostqueen’

8. ”˜Impeach God’

9. ”˜Biological Warfare’

10. ”˜Skyhunter’

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11. ”˜The Hammer’

12. ”˜Rejoin’


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