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Ahmedabad Hip-Hop Artist Dhanji Changes It Up In ‘Kadipatti’ Music Video

The track is taken from his mixtape ‘Boy Cut’ with producer Dox aka Mandeep Singh

Anurag Tagat Jun 21, 2021

Ahmedabad/U.S. based hip-hop artist Dhanji. Photo: Kirtiraj Hada

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While scouting for locations to shoot the music video to Ahmedabad/U.S.-based artist Dhanji aka Jayraj Ganatra’s slick song “Kadipatti,” filmmaker Aditya Sharma came across an old abandoned bungalow which had just the right vibe.

Sharma, who has previously shot for artists like singer/YouTuber Vidya Vox and fusion group Maati Baani, says, “It’s a bungalow that’s near my house. We just went there one night and started shooting. I wanted to get one more setup there, but the villagers who were caretakers came in and said ‘Guys, you need to stop shooting.’”

Keeping things as minimal as possible in terms of effects and lighting, “Kadipatti” is the first of three music videos Sharma has worked on with the label/community Junta Party Music. Videos for “Bla Ka Ka” and “Cam Jones Mr Lucky 2000 2000” off the album DZs Control will release soon. In the music video for “Kadipatti,” the rapper is seen firing off from a delapidated room well as atop a mound, among other scenes. Dhanji adds, “We didn’t go overboard with it. Just having these great frames that stick in your head, that feels great.”

The song is part of Dhanji’s 2019 mixtape Boy Cut, made with producer Dox aka Mandeep Singh and eventually finding its way on to streaming platforms in 2020. While there’s plenty of shorter, quick-fire songs from Dhanji, he’s plotting out an album as well. “I’m creating it month by month. It’ll have complete, well thought-out, well fleshed-out songs. Now, I’m putting five mixtapes out. I’m writing a monster, honestly. I’m making and using all my tools and having fun while I’m doing that. I’m trying to polish the sound,” says the artist, who is currently studying in the U.S.

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Sharma, for his part, says he was drawn to the rawness and unpredictability in Dhanji’s music. He adds, ‘
“‘Kadipatti’ was also our thing, where we were also getting to know each other. I shoot, edit and everything’s done through me. Dhanji’s also like that, very independent. We were a four-person crew who went in and shot this.”

Watch the video for “Kadipatti” below.

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