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Singer-Songwriter Dhruv Kapoor Releases Debut Hindi Song ‘Jeene De’

The New Delhi-based artist unpacks complicated emotions around a relationship over cheery folk music

Anurag Tagat Mar 24, 2021

New Delhi-based singer-songwriter Dhruv Kapoor. Photo: Vibhav Kapoor

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With three shows opening for Mumbai-based Arunachal singer-songwriter Taba Chake earlier this month, Dhruv Kapoor performed on stage for the first time in 19 months. “I am glad things are opening up, and we are getting closer and closer to normalcy; this is the time for indie musicians to make the best out of things, and I will be sure to capitalize,” he says.

Amongst the moves he’s made in addition to the run of shows is releasing his first Hindi song “Jeene De.” Written in late 2019, Kapoor says it’s the first of many Hindi songs that he hadn’t released yet, following his debut EP Heartbreak Paradise and “What Is Love,” a single released last year. The artist describes it as a “simple ballad that revolves around the theme of enigmatic fondness and perplexity surrounding a relationship.” Set over acoustic and classical guitar melodies, there’s a joyfulness even as Kapoor’s low vocal harmonies makes an earnest plea, as the song closes with the sound of calming waves.

While his initial steps as an independent artist have been as an English singer-songwriter, Kapoor says it was natural to compose in Hindi as well. “I think in Hindi about certain feelings, so the writing just flows naturally and I end up writing a song,” he says. Well aware that singing in Hindi can also reach a wider audience, Kapoor maintains that it’s never let it “force” him to release or write in the language. He adds, “I have written predominantly more English songs than Hindi, and I’ll keep on releasing them irrespective of the number of listeners I have.”

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Testing the waters in terms of becoming a bilingual artist, there’s a possible Hindi EP coming up and a full-length English album. Kapoor promises “some nice collaborations” with both records, including a song with Chennai/Mumbai singer-songwriter Zoe Siddharth.

Listen to “Jeene De” below. Stream the song on more platforms here.

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