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Dhruv Visvanath, Sanjeeta Bhattacharya, Saby Singh and Samar Mehdi Star in New Numero Uno Campaign

The denim brand’s new initiative Den I’M unboxes the four artists to show who they really are

Rolling Stone India May 27, 2019

New Delhi vocalist Sanjeeta Bhattacharya.

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Denim brand Numero Uno recently launched their latest campaign DEN I’M (pronounced Then I Am) citing the “I” in denim as the core being of one’s quirkiness and idiosyncrasies. With denim being a fabric that goes hand-in-hand with rebellion and questioning the powers that be, Number Uno’s initiative for DEN I’M unboxes four artists who refuse to be labeled by society.

The campaign features jazz vocalist Sanjeeta Bhattarcharya who doesn’t feel the need to be put under any sort of category. She says, “Genres belong to a library. They are not of any use to me. My emotions, my music, my art, they are a part of me. And I am like no other. If you are still thinking going out of the box is daring – DEN I’M”

For singer-songwriter Saby Singh, his openness and honesty is what he wants people to relate to and learn from his experiences. Singh isn’t afraid of sharing his story and says, “If being an open book for my art is stupid, DEN I’M.”

Guitar maverick Dhruv Visvanath’s life has been inspired by the questions he asks himself everyday which in turn has helped him evolve and grow as an artist and human being. Visvanath says, “If questioning my art to create a legacy was crazy. DEN I’M.”

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Fingerstyle guitarist Samar Mehdi who has gone on to become an internet sensation with his sublime talent, has done so only by honing his skills overtime and shunning what society has to say about him. “Aggar time ke saamne na jhukna rebellious hai DEN I’M.” (“If you think not bowing down to time is rebellious DEN I’M.”)

Asha Esther Jaikishan, Marketing Head, Numero Uno, says about the campaign, “When we were planning our DEN I’M campaign we felt we wanted to explore the music scene to spread the message since denim and music have [a] connect since the beginning. With #UnboxingArtists we are bringing forth four artists who have a unique style of creating music and each have a story connecting with DEN I’M.”

Numero Uno’s approach towards the concept of “I am who I am” is a canvas of self-expression and does away with being labeled or categorized as each individual has their own distinct personality. If you truly think having a unique identity is rebellious, DEN I’M.

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