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Digital Distributor TuneCore Launches in India

Parent company Believe had previously arrived in the country in 2013, starting off artist services

Rolling Stone India Jul 11, 2020

Digital music distribution service TuneCore has launched in India.

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The market for streaming and digital music distribution levels up this year following the entry of yet another global force – TuneCore. The digital music distributor, owned by music services company Believe, launched on July 8th with interesting new packages for artists at competitive rates.

To start off, there’s a 50 percent off deal for TuneCore artists in India seeking distribution for their music. Distribution costs are currently being offered at ₹499 (regularly ₹999) for singles and and the first year of distribution for albums available for ₹1499 (regularly ₹2899).

The introduction of TuneCore by Believe is prefaced by the Paris-headquartered parent company’s continued international expansion. In 2019, Believe purchased Mumbai-based live entertainment company Entco and made its entry into India as a music company providing artist services. CEO Denis Ladegaillerie says in a statement, “Our global expansion into India not only allows us to further our mission of supporting our artists at the local level, in the best way possible. TuneCore uniquely pays 100 percent of 100 percent of what is collected from the digital services, which has made the company the leader in helping artists get what they deserve.”

India is the eighth country to have its own TuneCore operation, which is based in Brooklyn, New York. As early as 2011 and 2012, TuneCore set up in Canada and Japan, respectively. Other markets over the years include TuneCore U.K. and Australia (2015), followed by Germany, France and Italy in 2016 and

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TuneCore India’s country manager has been appointed as Heena Kriplani, a regular in the Indian music industry for more than 15 years. Kriplani says the company’s artist-centric approach aligns with her own and adds that there will be tools created specifically for independent artists to help with global reach and local needs. She adds, “TuneCore.in aims to be part of the solution. With our store and streaming partners, we will help democratize the music ecosystem in India while enabling every artist to be heard across borders, without giving up their rights or revenue.”


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