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Guwahati’s first electro/experimental soundsystem like to keep it simple

Nov 10, 2010
Rolling Stone India - Google News

Aditya Langthasa

Assam-based alt-rock outfit, Digital Suicide, comprise the wailing vocals and pummelling guitar attack of Daniel Langthasa, the outrageously complex basslines of Deepak Borah and the vigorous drumming of Ratan Bordoloi. The band, who started out in the wake of the alternative scene in Guwahati abandons all preconceived notions of what a band should be doing based on trends and expectations. “When we formed the band almost two years back, it was just an explosion of ideas. We all shared the same broad interest in different styles of music,” says Langthasa. “So, when we entered the rehearsal room, all kinds of metal, funk, folk, Bollywood, rock and ambient stuff came out. It was a bizarre process – putting all of those sounds into a singular pattern of melodies. We always wanted our musical palette to be as big as possible, with all extremes available.”

The trio has believes in having a great time making music and it shows in their lyrics, sound and stage act. To them, nothing compares to the sound of a large crowd roaring their appreciation. While the band understands that not everybody can or would appreciate – or even understand – their brand of electro-inclined tunes, they do not plan to compromise on what they stand for musically. “We’re really not very concerned if a song works commercially [or not],” says Borah. “Of course, we do work on our image as a band – but that’s something that’s solely out there to do justice to the music. Rock & roll was always about imagery – y’know,” he adds.

Digital Suicide’s debut EP ”˜Demo’ (released in March) explains why they are seen as one of the North East’s most promising experimental and prolific independent outfits. “When we’re recording – we always have certain basics in mind. We’re never trying to sound very sharp – we like it rough around the edges. If you’ve notice, [the name] ”˜Demo’ for an electro/experimental alternative album sounds extremely simple and unfinished,” says Bordoloi. “We believe it’s the feel that counts and that feel can’t be manufactured.”

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