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Digparatsa’s Debut EP ‘Existence’ Will Put You in A Zen State of Mind

The New Delhi producer’s music has been released via Belgium label 94Records

David Britto May 22, 2020

New Delhi producer Digparatsa. Photo: Aakanksha Agarwal

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Picking up the guitar from a young age is what shaped New Delhi producer Rohan Vasishta aka Digparatsa’s affinity with music. The artist who draws inspiration from electronic music as well as rock’s stalwarts has managed to blend those sonic interests into his just-released debut five-track EP Existence, out via Belgium label 94Records.

According to Vasishta, the thought of putting an EP together never crossed his mind. After recording a couple of singles, he says, “I was lucky to find a label that believed in my potential.” With the help of 94Records the artist narrowed down his best five songs to put on the EP. Digparatsa’s writing process usually begins with chord arrangements which he builds a track around. He says, “I take my time and spend hours tweaking the knobs and the buttons to get the desired sound.” The producer tells us that his music comes from balancing his spirit and his reaction to the external while “the rest flows like water.”

The ambient record – which clocks in at just under 30 minutes – opens with the dreamy “Nyoma” that takes its name from a village located in Leh. “The track is inspired by surreal and blissful experiences in the mystical high altitude,” says Vasishta. The record moves to the house-infused and spacy “Mariposa” which means butterfly in Spanish and the electro-fusion offering “Jigmet.” The producer says, “’Jigmet’ is a common Ladakhi name which means ‘fearless.’” Next, we hear the ethereal “Haka” and the vibrant EP closer “Gaia” which was recorded by Digparatsa to vent out the “swirling emotions of sorrow and despair” he was dealing with a few years ago.

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Existence is filled with plenty of emotion from its melodic guitar lines plastered across the record to the subtle synth work and ambient production, which makes it a captivating listen. Even with its layered sonic elements, the record doesn’t seem overproduced and has an effect to put you in a zen-like mood of dreaminess.

While in lockdown the artist has been brushing up on his Spanish by watching TV shows and movies as well as jumping back into the world of video games. The musician is also working on fresh music. “I look forward to keep working up to my potential and sharing the sounds with the world,” says Vasishta.

Stream ‘Existence’ below: 

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