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Dive Into Uday Kasera’s Dreamy EP ‘Speechless’ For a Dose of Nostalgia

The Kolkata singer-songwriter released his six-track record earlier this month

David Britto Oct 17, 2019

Kolkata singer-songwriter Uday Kasera. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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When Kolkata singer-songwriter Uday Kasera discovered his sister’s music library on their home computer as a youngster, his ears were treated to the sweet sounds of rock bands such as the Beatles, Dire Straits, Guns N’ Roses, Snow Patrol and more. He says, “[This] music really grew on me in my early years.” After performing in bands through school, like many singer-songwriters he found his calling after discovering American musician John Mayer, he says, “Ever since then it’s been a major exploration of the world of sound and songs.”

Now, the 22-year-old musician is out with his debut six-track dreamy acoustic leaning EP titled Speechless. Kasera says, “In 2018, after hashing out songs that I really, really liked and reimagining them, I decided to form Speechless.” He adds, “Speechless, clear from the words and sounds is a lot about failed or possible relationships and self-learning.”

The EP opens with the folksy “Walk By” which according to Kasera “speaks to someone with the goal of saying that whatever happened has happened” while “The Sun” is a silky “request to not lose sight of the potential of something that could be magnificent.” The pop-infused “Don’t Wake Me Up, I’m Dreaming” is the singer-songwriter’s whimsical approach to love. Speechless moves forward with the experimental songs “Bottled Up” and “Wasting Time.”

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The record’s closing title track that contains minimal vocals is an amalgamation of rock, jazz and psychedelia. Kasera says, “[It] speaks of the final outcome of such events and thoughts that leave one with nothing much to say. Saying anything more would only cause damage and hence, only very simple hopes are sounded.” The singer-songwriter tells us that he finds today’s world negative and that “real relationships” amongst young people is hard to find. He says, “What I hope to give people through my music is hope for optimism.”

Kasera – who self-produced the EP – recorded Speechless at his home as well as at Kolkata’s Aural Vision Studio. The record was mixed by Kasera, Ankit Gandhi Lall, Soumyarya Mallick and Sanket Saraiya. Lall also mastered it. Next, a music video is in the pipeline as well as gigs with a four-piece band Kasera is putting together called Uday and the Sliders. He says, “We plan on doing a bunch of gigs in our home city, Calcutta before venturing out to perform around the country.”

Stream ‘Speechless’ on Band Camp below and click here to listen to it on other platforms. 

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