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Djentleman’s Club: Colossal Figures

The Delhi-based progressive metal band on why they came together and working on their debut album ‘Clockwork Dilation’

Anurag Tagat Jun 25, 2015
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Delhi-based prog metal band Colossal Figures. Photo: Aryaman Dixit

Delhi-based prog metal band Colossal Figures. Photo: Aryaman Dixit

Who: Formed in 2010 “for the fuck of it,” as drummer Rijul Victor points, Colossal Figures went from wannabe rockstars to getting much more serious once they realized they were gaining a following and played headline slots at college festivals across the country. Says Victor, “I joined a bit later. My first gig with Colossal Figures was at [management school] IIM Ahmedabad in 2010 and after that, I thought, ”˜I like these guys.’” Although they only recently made their Mumbai debut at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards in March, the only major metro left to hit is Bengaluru. The Delhi band, comprising guitarists Karan Mehta and Saksham Gupta, bassist Karsan Chaudhary and vocalist Govind Marodia, released their debut full-length album Clockwork Dilation early last year.

Why Djent? Thanks to the ever-growing modern prog metal scene, Victor says anything that has a technical edge to it is often categorized prog metal or djent these days. Says Victor, “It’s cooler in our age to play something that’s not straightforward.” Victor adds that djent was the kind of metal which encouraged clean vocals. “It’s not just stuff people would rage to. It talks about heavier, deeper topics and that’s not just the usual stuff about politics or society.”

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Spin this: “Lost,” one of their most memorable moments off Clockwork Dilation.


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