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Djentleman’s Club: Meet Prog Heavy Metallers Trigger

The Delhi metal band talks about how a trip to Ahmedabad led to recording their second single “Yakuza” and plans for an EP this year

Anurag Tagat Jun 28, 2015
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Trigger plan to release their debut EP this year.  Photo: Dhruv Immortal

Trigger plan to release their debut EP this year. Photo: Dhruv Immortal

Who: In 2012, guitarist Ashwin Ramanathan met vocalist Shourya Malhotra at festival series Great Indian Rock in Delhi and started jamming on covers of bands such as Gojira and Lamb of God. They roped in bassist Paras Khanna and drummer Pallav Sharma and went on to win a band competition at IIM Ahmedabad 2014. While they were in the city, Trigger wrapped up their second single “Yakuza” at BlueTree Studios in the city with producer Uddipan Sarmah [from post rock band Aswekeepsearching]. Says Ramanathan, “I had luckily carried some MIDI drum parts with me and the competition was in the morning and we recorded in the evening.” Plans are now on recording a five-track EP for release this year and return to Ahmedabad for a gig.

Why Djent? Like Pyramids. Ramanathan doesn’t mind Trigger being classified as djent, although he prefers the tag of progressive heavy metal, which puts them in the same space as Murk Blare. Ramanathan cites Meshuggah as a major influence and says all members of Trigger are “mad about [Dutch prog metallers] Textures.”

Spin this: Trigger only have two singles out ”“ “Everlast” in 2013 and “Yakuza” in 2014 ”“ and it’s the latter that aims for that well-produced but raw angst delivered by the band and stick-in-your-head use of dissonant riffs.

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