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Download: Rolling Stone Jam Sessions at JD Rock Awards 2013 – ‘Pudhe Sarka’

Comedy rock gets a dramatic makeover from vocalist Suman Sridhar during the 12-member jam

Rolling Stone India Feb 28, 2013
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When the Rolling Stone Jam Sessions kicked off, it was the uninhibited Suman Sridhar, vocalist of post-pop duo Sridhar/Thayil, who covered the fastest, heaviest song in the setlist, “Pudhe Sarka” by Workshop. The comedy rock band is best known as metal vocalist Sahil Makhija’s funny bone, but Sridhar and her band onstage, the most ”˜metal’ of whom would be bassist Krishna Jhaveri [of alt metal band Goddess Gagged] and drummer Virendra Kaith [of metal bands Demonic Resurrection and Scribe], turned the song into one big shriek fest. Sridhar called for people to “fall in line” and even took roll call during the spoken-word parts of the song about bus conductors. The best reward of all came through the fake 1000-rupee notes Sridhar chucked across toward the end of her delightful screechfest.

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