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Download: Vocalist Raghav Meattle and Half Step Down’s Nikhil Malik’s New Electro-Acoustic Project

Listen to “Since Memories Remain” by Meattle & Malik

Rolling Stone India Feb 06, 2014
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(left) Raghav Meattle (Photo: Monisha Ajgaonkar) and (right) Nikhil Malik (Photo: Dhruv Sethi)

(left) Raghav Meattle (Photo: Monisha Ajgaonkar) and (right) Nikhil Malik (Photo: Dhruv Sethi)

It’s been downhill, by vocalist Raghav Meattle’s own admission, since he left Delhi prog rock band The Uncertainty Principle in February last year. Meattle moved to Hyderabad and took on a corporate job as a recruiter, but still wanted to continue making music. Although he left The Uncertainty Principle due to “personal differences,” Meattle kept in touch with TUP’s album producer Nikhil Malik, who runs Delhi-based Studio Fuzz with drummer Srijan Mahajan and guitarist Arsh Sharma, members of glitch hop duo FuzzCulture. Malik also plays guitar for Delhi alt rock band Cyanide and hard rock band Half Step Down.

Meattle and Malik teamed up for an electro-acoustic project, which is a change in style for the vocalist. Says Meattle, “I just didn’t have an option because I don’t play the electric guitar. I sat down with the acoustic guitar and wrote two to four songs and sent a laptop recording to Nikhil.” One of the first tracks released by Meattle & Malik is “Since Memories Remain,” which the vocalist had been writing ever since he graduated from college last year. Meattle, who visits Delhi every two months, says the duo are readying another track influenced by drum and bass. Says Meattle, “I wrote that on my acoustic guitar and sent it to Nikhil and he turned it into drum and bass. I’m hoping something big comes of this [project].”

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Get your free download of “Since Memories Remain” by Meattle & Malik below

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