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DPR Live Embarks On An Intergalactic Quest in ‘Legacy’ Music Video

The South Korean rapper returns with ‘IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?,’ his most complex and personal record yet

Riddhi Chakraborty Mar 03, 2020
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South Korean rapper and singer DPR Live made his much-awaited comeback today with his first album in two years, IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? The 11-track LP is led by the single “Legacy” and is the follow-up to his highly successful 2017 releases Coming To You Live and Her.

The music video for “Legacy” is an atmospheric intergalactic adventure, featuring DPR Live alone aboard a spacecraft that’s about to crash. He runs from one frame to another as he begins to prepare for the inevitable impact, gathering supplies and masking himself before leaping out of the craft. He falls through clouds that flash with dizzying bolts of lightning and awakens to find himself on what seems to be a desert. The video ends with a black screen and the promise that the story will continue.

As viewers, we don’t know why he’s on the spacecraft alone–his journey seems to have been long, possibly even involving being cryogenically frozen at one point– and it’s clear “Legacy” is just the first part of what will be a series that outlines the rapper’s journey through space and new terrain. As we’ve come to expect from the artist’s label Dream Perfect Regime, the video for “Legacy” is a visual feast with filmmaker (and DPR founder) Christian Yu‘s signature vibrant lighting, high-contrast color-grading and dynamic camerawork.

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In terms of its sound, “Legacy” is a hair-raising blend of eerie synth, tight trap and slow, booming bass. In the lyrics DPR Live outlines his return to the scene, flexing his attitude and skill for wordplay as he breaks down hip-hop’s fascination with the ‘girls-cars-money’ trope. “World tour, trendsetter, two EPs, full album/You can’t touch this/I’m just saying, ‘potential’/You’re far from my lane.”

IS ANYBODY OUT THERE? is perhaps Live’s most complex and personal record yet, exploring his thoughts about his fame, family, artistry, success and label. In addition to hip-hop the LP traverses jazz, soul, R&B and lo-fi. Stream it below.


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