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DPR Live Teases Forthcoming Sophomore EP With ‘Yellow Cab’

Accompanied by an Eighties-inspired music video, the pre-release single gives listeners a peek into the South Korean rapper’s highly anticipated EP, ‘Iite Cool’

Divyansha Dongre Jul 02, 2021
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With a visual throwback to the Eighties, DPR Live revives the funky sounds of the past in “Yellow Cab.” Composed by Won Ho, DPR Cream, and DPR Live, “Yellow Cab” reflects the rapper’s relationship with his artistry and his journey within the Korean music industry thus far. 

Setting the scene for “Yellow Cab,” DPR Live opens the video with a monologue which he narrates while seated across from his love interest, Candy. The rapper describes his meeting with her as a break from his mundane Saturday activities, “Things have been different for me ever since I met Candy. I’ve never met anyone quite like her before.” Right before the intro kicks in, a rough bass-guitar mix fades into the scene with the rapper singing, “Iite cool/ Sweet!/ Sweet Jesus!/ Piece of cake!” The music video then proceeds to show the rapper failing to impress and connect with Candy despite his several attempts. The music video ends on an eerie note with the artist meeting with an unfortunate accident. As DPR Live lies on the road, Candy makes her way to the motionless body and soon walks away, crying.

Capturing his experiences, the artist opens up about his journey within the music industry as he raps, “I stay glued on/ Can never get me off/ Representing the Korean music scene/ Where’s my pay?” He then goes on to share his frustrations with the lack of artist acknowledgment, despite his half-a-decade rich career, “I’ve been proving since 2017/ I’ve been stacking my authenticity/ Can’t understand Korea sometimes/ Why is it that foreign fans are quicker to realize that.” Despite it all, DPR Live keep his spirits high, focused on the hustle and his vision of constantly evolving with his art, “Forget it/ Cause I’m riding through the pity/ My feet to the pedal/ Reckless on the steering wheel/ Unpredictable where I’ll bounce off to.”

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Set to release this month, Iite Cool will be the follow-up to DPR Live’s 2020 full-length debut album, Is Anybody Out There?. Precise dates of the EP’s release are yet to be announced. 

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