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Dreamcatcher Tap into Their Inner Demons in ‘BEcause’

Inspired by the occult, the South Korean girl group’s latest comeback sees the members deliver a powerful performance with their signature dark aura

Divyansha Dongre Jul 30, 2021
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Examining the metamorphosis of love into an ugly obsession, Dreamcatcher’s latest track, “BEcause” weaves in this dark concept through powerful rock-synth. Written by South Korean producers Ollounder and LEEZ with the chorus curated by Siyon, the title is said to depict a clever wordplay, “It means both ‘because’ [in English] and the word ‘be‘ in Korean, which means sadness,” Dreamcatcher’s leader and vocalist JiU revealed on MBC’s variety show, Weekly Idol.

Filmed in predominantly eerie locations such as an abandoned amusement park, JiU opens “BEcause” standing at the reception of a ghostly hotel, “I’ve been disguising myself/ You don’t know me well yet.” The tempo soon picks up during the pre-chorus, foraying in pure, powerful rock bliss with SuA and Siyeon singing, “I turn the air blue/ And your expression like an ocean view/ Show me a little better, that motion/ So I can feel it.”

Just as the video concludes, an additive guitar riff surfaces, reminiscent of the group’s 2019 hit, “PIRI.” The amalgamation of powerful guitar plucks fused with soft, breathy harmonies adds to the depth of the track. Featuring a reference to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves through the inclusion of a poisoned apple, the music video wraps up with all seven members back at the abandoned hotel with Gahyeon’s sinister laughter filling the silence. 

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Following the release of their sixth mini-album Dystopia: Road to Utopia, Dreamcatcher’s special album, Summer Holiday, includes six tracks with all members actively participating in the writing process. Along with the title track, the record includes five other tracks titled, “Intro,” “Airplane,” “Whistle,” “Alldaylong” and “A Heart of Sunflower.”

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