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Dualist Inquiry Announces Album Launch Tour

Sahej Bakshi will tour ten cities to promote debut album, Doppelganger

Rolling Stone India Mar 06, 2013
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Dualist Inquiry with the cubes that will make up the Doppelganger Rig. Photo: Paroma Mukherjee

Dualist Inquiry with the cubes that will make up the Doppelganger Rig. Photo: Paroma Mukherjee

Electronica artist Sahej Bakshi, better known by his stage name Dualist Inquiry, had previously told us how keen he was to put north east on his tour diary. With the launch of his debut album, Doppelganger, on March 15th, the artist can now strike out one stop there, with his ten-city tour that includes Guwahati, besides Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Bengaluru and his hometown, Chandigarh. If his recently released single “Specter” is anything to go by, Doppelganger is likely to put the EDM rising star onto the top of the Indian electronica deck. 

The album will be out on Bakshi’s own new record label, Dualism Records. “It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and feels like a natural step forward, allowing me complete creative and executive control over my music and how it reaches you. I want to clarify that I won’t be running this like a traditional record label – all the music on the label will always be available for free download! For the time being, its just going to be my music, but eventually, I hope it serves as a hub for all the other weird, indie electronica coming out of India that doesn’t fit neatly into one genre,” the artist posted on his Facebook page.

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The album launch gigs will feature what the artist calls The Doppelganger Rig, an audiovisual setup that has been built specifically for this tour. Bakshi will also launch new Dualist Inquiry merch [ t-shirts , posters, stickers] at the gigs. 

Listen to ”˜Specter’ here:


Dualist Inquiry Tour Dates: 

March 15th - Blue Frog, Mumbai

March 16th – IIT Fluxus, Indore 

March 22nd – High Spirits, Pune

March 23rd – Blue Frog, Delhi

March 27th- Rangholi Fest, Noida 

March 29th- Blend, Chennai 

March 301st – CounterCulture, Bengaluru  

April 7th – venue TBC [Beerfest 2013], Guwahati

April 12th – Blue Blazer, Chandigarh 

April 13th – Clarks Amer, Jaipur



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