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Dualist Inquiry Goes Acoustic For Radio Interview

Listen to the electronica artist as he breaks down his debut album, Doppelganger, track by track

Rolling Stone India Apr 02, 2013
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If you thought you’d heard all about Dualist Inquiry aka Sahej Bakshi, and his recently released Doppelganger, this interview with online radio channel, Radio 79, as part of their Special Agents series that has previously featured artists such as Jeet Thayil of Sridhar/Thayil, brings you some more news about his debut. During the course of the interview, Bakshi says “you know” 349 times [OK we cheated, you can count the “you know”s and send us the right number on [email protected] to win a copy of Doppelganger], discusses why he won’t be releasing another album for some time and his own record label, Dualism Records. Bakshi also breaks down every track on his album. “This song ended up having more than 135 tracks mixed on, but at the end of the day it’s a simple song,” he says about “Isoterra” from his debut album. Dualist Inquiry also goes acoustic (18.35) as he picks up a guitar in the studio to play some of his signature riffs. 

Tune into Dualist Inquiry here:   


Radio79 Special Agents with Dualist Inquiry aka Sahej Bakshi by Radio79 on Mixcloud

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