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Dwayne Bravo’s Caribbean Moves in Mysore

How the West Indies cricketer and singer made the perfect headliner at a college festival

Rolling Stone India Jul 01, 2016
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Dwayne Bravo

West Indian cricketer Dwayne John Bravo’s recently performed at annual cultural fest Jayciana hosted by Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering in Mysore.

Mysore was recently rustled up by West Indian cricketer Dwayne John Bravo’s visit to the otherwise sleepy city, where he performed as part of annual cultural fest Jayciana hosted by Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering.

A crowd of near 20,000 fans and followers gathered at the venue hours before Bravo’s gig, and erupted in cheer as the entertainer arrived on campus. Looking dapper in a white tee and trousers, Bravo swished out the flag of Trinidad & Tobago and waved it proudly to the eager audience. In recent months, Bravo has amassed a huge fan following with his “Champion” song and victory dance when his team took away the T20 Cricket World Cup””many of whom were seemingly present for the concert.

“It’s nice to be here; you all are champions!” declared Bravo as he took the stage. As the music began, the crowd roared with the “Champion, champion” refrain. Ten seconds into the song however, a minor disruption [courtesy enthusiastic selfie-takers] forced Bravo to leave the stage. He soon returned though, with six young dancers from the college flanking him as he crooned away his claim-to-fame tune “Champion” whilst sporting a few dance moves. Mid-way through the song, Bravo paused for a selfie with the student crowd [“Where’s my phone? I want to take a selfie!” he exclaimed] while students clamored for a spot in the frame.

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Bravo proceeded to seamlessly mash up the “lungi dance” and “Champion”, even showing off a few of his Bollywood moves to a now-elated audience. song with the Hindi song he had the audience eating out of his hand. His friendly demeanor and spontaneity with the ebullient crowd, endeared him to all who had gathered to see this down-to-earth star cricketer perform like a champion, away from the cricket arena. He ended with the 2015 hit “Lean On” proving that he although he’s known for his moves on the field, Bravo can hold a show even away from the cricket arena.


Campus Champion

Going by the success of the concert, it’s safe to say talent and entertainment professional Akshat Mudbidri scored an ace of his own when he pitched cricketer Dwayne J Bravo for Jayciana. Says Mudbidri, “I have been associated with SJCE for the past three years and my experience with the students and the management has been very pleasant and memorable. In 2014 I had brought down [Romanian singer] Akcent who is very popular with the younger generation in India. This time when they asked me for a trending artiste, I suggested Dwayne Bravo who is not only a celebrated cricketer but also is a singer and composer in his own right” “Jayciana was Bravo’s first ever private solo performance, and according to Mudbidri, was also “the largest campus show and a stupendous runaway success”. Mudbidri recalls, “The morning after the show, when I aked Bravo about the gig, he replied, ”˜Bro, I was scared and happy. Scared because of the fans mobbing, and happy because of the turnout I have never seen before. It was like I performed for a concert!”

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