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eaJ Returns to the Spotlight with Solo Debut Single ‘Car Crash’

The singer-songwriter first performed the track at 88rsising’s 2021 festival, Head In The Clouds

Divyansha Dongre Apr 08, 2022

Korean-American singer, songwriter and composer Park Jae-hyung – widely known by his moniker, eaJ – is back with a brand-new single titled “Car Crash.” Best known as a former vocalist and lead guitarist of South Korean rock band Day6, the latest release marks eaJ’s long-awaited official solo debut, despite having a string of original records released on his YouTube channel. 

Written by the singer himself, the single weaves a chill pop-rock atmosphere with a lush arrangement of rhythmic percussion-guitar sounds. eaJ keeps the mood of the track fresh and easy to listen to, with a breathy vocal performance as he sings: “We got it started in the worst way/ Just by the way you looked at me/ Goddamn, it was a spectacle/ We look fuckin’ incredible now.”

Lyrically, “Car Crash” elucidates the constant presence of friction in a relationship. Despite knowing how perplexities and mixed signals led to the downfall of the relationship, eaJ cannot refrain from yearning for his former partner: “All the blood we spill just makes me want you bad/ I can’t even tell no more if what we have is good or bad/ Anymore.”

“There’s been so much that’s happened in my life the past few years, but the fans have really stayed strong and stuck by my side,” eaJ said in the press release. “I couldn’t believe it, ‘Car Crash’ received a ton of pre-saves and we were trending worldwide, the support has been so strong. It means a lot to me. I think it’s important that my fans and I take a dive with this song and keep pushing forward together.” 

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The track was initially teased at 88rising’s Head In The Clouds festival, where eaJ (despite having no official solo releases at the time) performed a 30-minute set. “It went from being just a song to jump to and have fun with the crowd on stage, to becoming my first ever real release,” the singer added.

At the beginning of the year, eaJ’s former label, JYP Entertainment, confirmed the singer’s departure from the band and label. Currently represented by a brand new label, eaJ has been releasing solo music on his own YouTube and Soundcloud channels, as well as collaborating with musicians across the globe. Garnering millions of views, he’s collaborated with artists such as MAX, Rich Brian, keshi, Seori, DPR Live, and others.


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