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Exclusive Premiere: Producer Eashwar Subramanian Brings Carnatic Chill on ‘Metamorphic Raga’

The Bengaluru-based artist is releasing his new EP ‘Twinopia’ on December 18th

Anurag Tagat Dec 14, 2020

Bengaluru-based ambient artist Eashwar Subramanian. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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As someone who has been composing ambient music for more than three years, Bengaluru-based producer and keyboardist Eashwar Subramanian knows just how much calm and solace it can provide, especially during a pandemic. 

In his own experience, music that he’s put out since his 2018 album Ambient Hamlet has been finding its way on to playlists, compilations and even meditation apps. He says, “I think more people are tuning into ambient and chill music since the pandemic began.” So far, Subramanian’s works got featured on apps such as Ultrahuman, plus U.K. percussionist-producer Sarathy Korwar‘s playlist for radio station Ambient Flo (started by British DJ-producer Auntie Flo aka Brian D’Souza). Subramanian adds that in August, his track “Flickering Lights” made it to an ambient set by DJ Shireen (part of femme producer-DJ collective Coven Code) for British Council’s Indian Independence Day celebrations. 

Subramanian provides more tranquility with his latest song “Metamorphic Raga,” arriving at a fusion that he terms as “Carnatic chill.” Punctuated by a Carnatic violin lead that is sampled and toyed with, all the other elements on “Metamorphic Raga” make for a shimmering, immersive listen. He says the violin is “most definitely the soul of the piece,” but his intent was to incorporate jazz-like tones and piano with atmospheric percussive elements. “Given the long history of classical music blending well into electronica, I chose to explore the possibilities of having some Carnatic raga elements fused into the piece through modulations on the violin and the flute that fortuitously blended well into the electronic layers,” he adds. 

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The track is taken from a new EP called Twinopia, slated to release on December 18th. Drawing from “imagery of an alternative world,” the three-track record aims to be meditative as well as escapist in some senses, with Subramanian blending electronic chill and ragas more than before. He adds that he’s also delving into abstract ambient soundscapes in upcoming releases. “I also have a couple of collaborations lined up. Hopefully 2021 will open up more opportunities to take more of the ambient works to a broader audience,” Subramanian says. 

Listen to “Metamorphic Raga” below. ‘Twinopia’ is out on all streaming platforms on December 18th.

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