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Eccentric Pendulum Release New Single ‘Resisting Another Equation’

The Bengaluru prog metallers return with a new lineup, roping in members from prog band Orchid and thrash metallers Theorized

Anurag Tagat Dec 24, 2015
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Eccentric Pendulum: Kaushal LS, Ankit Suryakanth, Vibhas Venkatram, Arjun Mulky and Arun Natarajan (from left). Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Eccentric Pendulum – Kaushal LS, Ankit Suryakanth, Vibhas Venkatram, Arjun Mulky and Arun Natarajan (from left). Photo: Courtesy of the artist

It’s been about two years since we last checked in on Bengaluru prog metal band Eccentric Pendulum, who were writing a gigantic 25-minute track called “Tellurian Concepts” and still riding on high from winning at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2012 for their full-length album Winding The Optics.

Fast forward to 2015 and the band ”“ the first to represent India at Wacken Open Air in 2011 ”“ have a new lineup and an entirely different single called “Resisting Another Equation” out. Written in 2012 following their Europe tour, the track is the first to feature new vocalist Kaushal LS [from prog metal band Orchid] and guitarist Ankit Suryakanth [from thrash metal band Theorized], alongside guitarist Arjun Mulky and founding members Arun Natarajan on bass and Vibhas Venkatram on drums. Kaushal replaced Nikhil Vastarey, who left the band last year to pursue higher studies in Canada. Says Mulky about roping in Kaushal, “We didn’t consider any other person. There was no need for an audition; this guy just walks in and bam! in one week, he is as good as it could get. Loud as fuck and precise to the word.”

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“Resisting Another Equation” is also part of Indian metal label Transcending Obscurity’s first annual Christmas sampler. Says the guitarist about signing on with TO, “As artists, we want to focus more on just recording and creating the music as opposed to printing and distributing the CDs, which sometimes hampers your vision.”

The track was originally set for release earlier this month when Eccentric Pendulum were scheduled to perform at gig series Insurrection [as part of Aizawl death metallers Third Sovereign’s now-jinxed Blood and Roots Tour], but with show getting canceled, it’s been a quiet year for Eccentric. Says Mulky, “We’ve spent the better half of the year getting our new lineup in shape and writing some new music. Therefore, our live shows took a hit. We are however on the lookout for a manager to help us do this better, get more gigs and stabilize our base in this metal scene.”

Listen to “Resisting Another Equation”

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