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EDM Festivals Take Over Holi

With four music festivals in Delhi, EDM fans will be spoilt for choice on Holi

Rolling Stone India Mar 11, 2013
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Ben Watkins from Juno Reactor will perform at Holi Reloaded in Mumbai

Ben Watkins from Juno Reactor will perform at Holi Reloaded in Mumbai

For a day that legalizes the consumption of hallucinogens across India, it’s no surprise that the gig calendar is chockablock this Holi that falls on March 27th. This year, Berlin is celebrating it, as is Leipzig, so there’s no reason why the festivities won’t be much grander closer home, where the capital city is hosting at least four Holi music festivals. EDM seems to have become synonymous with the celebrations with well-known electronica acts featuring as part of the multiple festival lineups.

Delhi’s Holi Cow! Festival, which made its debut in 2010 and served as the launchpad for Delhi’s Dualist Inquiry, will feature Goa-based electronica act Goatika Creative Lab, besides Mumbai electronica duo Shaa’ir+Func and Vice Versa this year. There’s also Chennai rockers Junkyard Groove, Kolkata band Ganesh Talkies, who recently made it to ROLLING STONE India’s Artist To Watch Out For list as well as Ox7gen, the drum and bass project of Aditya Ashok, among others. Though Dualist Inquiry is not on the bill at Holi Cow! this year, the Delhi artist will be performing at Rangholi 2013 in Noida, alongside acts such as Nucleya, Midival Punditz and DJ Khushi. Rang Festival, held at Chattarpur every year, will feature three stages and has a host of international electronica acts such as Israeli prog trace act Ace Ventura,  Switzerland’s Liquid Soul and Denmark’s Emok besides local spinners such as Ez-Rizer, Moniker, Su-real and Flash Hardcor and acts like Reggae Rajahs among others.

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Mumbai too will have its share of Holi gigs with Chitrakoot Grounds hosting Holi Reloaded that features performances by electronica stars Juno Reactor, best known for their collaboration as part of the OST of The Matrix series. The day-long Holi Reloaded will also see DJ Ankytrixx, Anish Sood and  techno/prog house act, Helium Project taking over the console. The grand daddy of psytrance, Goa Gil, (he will also perform at Cocoparra, Pune on March 24th and Blue Frog, Mumbai on March 31st) will headline Holiguns 2013, which will take place at Delhi’s Chattarpur farms and is probably the only multi-genre festival with performances by psychedelic rockers Peter Cat Recording Co, reggae act Mob Marley, alt rockers Gravy Train and Moonshine among others. 

Holi Cow! Festival will be held at Zorba, Delhi. Entry: Rs 1,500; Rs 3,000. For details, email [email protected]

Rang Festival will be held at Lilywhite Hotel, Chattarpur, New Delhi. Entry: Rs 1,500. Buy here

Rangholi 2013 will be held at Worlds Of Wonders, Noida. Tickets Rs 1,500. Buy here 

Holiguns 2013 will be held at F and B Farms, Chattarpur, New Delhi. Entry: Rs 1,750. Buy here 

Holi Reloaded will be held at Chitrakoot Ground, Mumbai. Entry: 1,200. Buy here

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