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Epik High Reminisce About a Past Love in ‘Rain Song’

The South Korean alternative hip-hop group join forces with singer-songwriter Colde to express longing and nostalgia

Rolling Stone India Jun 29, 2021

Epik High's "Rain Song" explores the nostalgia surrounding the memories of a past relationship. Photo: Courtesy of EN Management

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Composed by members Tablo and Tukutz and written by Tablo and Mithra Jin, Epik High’s latest track, “Rain Song” explores the nostalgia surrounding the memories of a past relationship. With rainfall being the central metaphorical device, the South Korean alternative hip-hop group and vocalist Colde equate the lowest days in one’s life to rainfall, delving into the stages of heartbreak with every verse. 

The R&B track keeps the momentum tranquil with a string-percussion ensemble supported with mellow piano. The music video opens with Colde’s silhouette against a giant LED screen which soon fills with a waterfall-like visual. Rapper Tablo then steps in, narrating a state of intoxication caused by the inability to process complex emotions; “I’m drinking too much today/ My heart seems to be unaware that my body can’t take it/ Suddenly an old song you liked starts playing/ And memory seeps into my grasp.”

Right before the bridge cues in, a soft piano melody takes over before surprising listeners with a cameo by singer-songwriter Younha, who sings, “Rainy days/All these rain songs/Keep on being made/When it rains.” “Rain Song” ends on a hopeful note with all the artists coming together to sing, “When this rain stops/ And the sun comes up/ I’ll stop singing/ This rain song.”

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Earlier this year, Epik High dropped their highly-anticipated 10th studio album, Epik High is Here Part 1 which featured prominent collaborators like rappers Zico, B.I, CL, Woo, Changmo and Nucksal, and R&B vocalists Heize, G.Soul, Miso and Kim Sawol. 

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