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Eric Nam Breaks Free From Heartache in ‘I Don’t Know You Anymore’

The Korean-American artist will be announcing a new album and tour dates in the coming weeks

Divyansha Dongre Oct 15, 2021
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Promising a new sound and new visuals, singer-songwriter Eric Nam releases “I Don’t Know You Anymore”- his first single as an independent artist under The Eric Nam Company Inc

Co-written by Nam alongside Danny Silberstein, Grant Averill and Yik Nam Jason Wu, “I Don’t You Anymore” sees Nam own this artistry with unapologetic lyricism and a refreshed soundscape. Penned from the eyes of someone coming out of a terrible relationship, the single explores the emotional growth upon evading the existence of the one who broke your heart; “You wanted the moon and the stars and the whole galaxy/ I gave you my heart and you gave it back missing a piece.” Nam comes from a place of healing rather than vengeance, despite recognizing the hatred that once engulfed him; “And you used to be someone I hated/ Now all I know all that I know is I don’t know you anymore.”

As the song progresses, overarching emotions of hopelessness and betrayal linger, making “I Don’t Know You Anymore,” real and relatable; “Nothing even left to take back/ Can’t lose something you never had/ All I know is I don’t know you anymore.”

The R&B track sees Nam twirling and waltzing to the beats of a synth-percussion ensemble. It’s refreshing soundscape complements the vocalist’s breathy vocals, attesting to Nam’s promise of delivering a ‘new sound.’ Focused on Nam alone, the video follows the vocalist brooding in a cable car to seating alone in a diner and finally, performing in an empty dining hall. 

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Shortly after the release, Nam took to his Twitter account, sharing his excitement; “It is scary” Nam wrote, referring to the single being his first release as an independent artist. He continued, “But I know Nam Nation [his fans] has my back and it is so empowering.” Nam is also set to announce the details of a world tour on Monday, October 18th, and will be coming out with a brand new album– of which the title and release dates are yet to be revealed.

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